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25.02.2010, the decision of the Thirteenth Arbitration Court of Appeal presided over by Judge Zheltyannikova VI (Chairman of the Thirteenth Court of Appeals) was dismissed on appeal the district administration of the City "The city of Kaliningrad, to reverse the decision of the Arbitration Court of Kaliningrad region from 03.12.2009, in the case number A21-7905/2009.



This summer, a REGNUM has written about the dispute between the Ministry of Defense and the administration of Kaliningrad on the land in the prestigious district of the city - "Max-Ashman park. Defense, based on the fact that this - the land of the military camp, held a competition to build there w /houses in accordance with the order FAOFI RF 1250-r and 1744-r of 02.08.05g., In the 2006-07g. Municipality of Kaliningrad, acting on pismennoym Assignments Governor of the Kaliningrad Region GV Boos from 11.1006g. and tried to lift the ownership of Russia to a land plot for construction of housing, and subsequently a new message from 20.11.07g. recognize the investment contract is null and void transaction. A residential building, which was built in 2005 under the terms of this contract, the transfer of ownership of Russia by the Ministry of Defence for 1858m2 of homeless in /employees have not begun. What has changed in six months.

- In six months there have been many court hearings, in which treated and prosecution of the Kaliningrad region, and the Defense Ministry. All decisions are taken in the direction of the military, but essentially nothing has changed. City of Kaliningrad is still not issue approval documents to work with the land - under our laws, without these documents we can begin construction.

I wanted to settle this matter out of court, so repeatedly wrote and passed through his assistant Balueva OE addressed to the Governor's address, but excited, and now there. Doing a resolution of this problem once or do not want. The fact that the contest was held in October 2005, work started in January 2006 - during this time of insurance, registration of project documentation, dismantling of existing buildings, the receipt and payment of T /U, just outpacing the schedule part of the apartment the military, My company has spent more than 60 million rubles. This - the direct costs of the company to implement an investment contract with the Defense Ministry for the construction of apartments. If the project is not implemented because no decision on the ground, I have to go to court with a claim for damages from the Administration GO "City of Kaliningrad.

- A housing for the military?

- I was supposed to provide 1,858 square meters of housing under the contract. Who will provide now I do not know.

According to available information the Administration GO "The city of Kaliningrad" acting Commissions issued by the Governor of the Kaliningrad region, rather than assignments of the President of Russia is preparing an appeal against the decision of the Arbitration Court of Kaliningrad was held in favor of the RF Ministry of Defense.

Medvedev signed a law on housing for military

MOSCOW, November 27. The President signed the Federal Law "On Amending Article 53 of the Federal Law" On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation. Federal law passed by the State Duma on 11 November 2009 and the Federation Council approved November 18, 2009, reports the Kremlin press service.

Federal law is amended in paragraph 4 of Art. 53 of the Federal Law "On State Civil Service of the Russian Federation", which establishes that civil servants may be granted, inter alia, the right to lump-sum subsidy for the purchase of a residential area once during the entire period of civilian service in the manner and on terms which shall be set by the Government decision Russian Federation and normative legal act of the Russian Federation.

Recall July 27, 2009, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev approved the list of requests to the Government, public authorities of the Federation after a meeting of the Council on the implementation of priority national projects and the demographic policies of the past July 1. Thus, the Cabinet is requested to ensure that in 2009 a permanent office and housing at least 45 thousand troops.

The Russian president has repeatedly stated that the solution of social problems of troops - one of the priority areas of work. At an expanded meeting of the Collegium of the Ministry of Defence, held on March 17, Medvedev said that consistently solve one of the most pressing problems - the housing.

"Only in 2008 for permanent residence servicemen Defense received 22,2 thousand apartments. In 2009, the Defense Ministry plans to acquire more than 45 thousand apartments ", - said the president.

"As the economic opportunities of the state will continue indexation allowance for troops, will, of course, build new housing" - the president said, adding that he will also settle military camps.

November 16 Medvedev said that all our plans for the military housing will be implemented. He recalled that in 2010, all officers should be given permanent housing, and by 2012 we should solve the problem of security officers office accommodation.

turns out that Presidential Decree do not apply to leaders of the Kaliningrad region.



30.11.2009, the Arbitration Court of Kaliningrad region by the alleged claims of Federal KECh Kaliningrad region "the Defense Ministry to the Administration GO" The city of Kaliningrad and the Kaliningrad Region Rosnedvizhimost regarding improper setting on cadastral registration of Landscape Park Max Ashman Park, violated the border in n number 8a, which is of own RF, intended for housing construction in accordance with the Investment Contract 01-8/331 of 28.12.2005, the results of which is to receive 1,858 m 2 floor space in the property in the person of the RF Ministry of Defence with a subsequent occupation of the army of homeless in accordance with the instructions of the President of Russia.

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